The right plant in the right place…

“It may sound simple, but so often it’s what separates us from our competition”
-Linda Greenfield, Owner, Fields of Green, LLC

For over 10 years, Fields of Green has been creating and installing professional landscape designs for their clients to enjoy. Understanding the cleint’s needs is essential in the way they plan, design and develop a successful landscape. With a visionary eye, Fields of Green approaches each and every aspect of your outdoor space with a “detail-oriented, checked and measured” approach that is unique to their brand. This philosophy guarantees success!

It’s important to work with an educated designer

“Proper plant selection and placement eliminates plant stresses” says Greenfield, “Insects attack when plants aren’t happy. So knowing the difference between sun-loving plants versus shade-loving plants is imperative.”

Understanding the relationship between pH Level and nutrient availability begins with knowledge of proper plant selection. Fields of Green’s educated designers utilize their knowledge and apply valuable design principals combined with artistic and tireless dedication for a job well done.